NYLOTTO (NY Lotto) Tickets




It is very simple. All you need to do is click the “PLAY NOW” button below, and you will be taken to the NYLotto (NY Lotto) page of TheLotter lottery/lotto tickets around the world service. After that you can select your numbers, or click a button, and the numbers will be arbitrarily generated in your behalf. After signing up, as a new client, you will get a FREE ticket to play the NYLotto (NY Lotto).




Exactly what is TheLotter? Is an international service that permits people to play even more than 80 lotterys and lotto´s worldwide. If you wish you can always play, and try to win the world´s biggest lottery/lotto jackpot every week. After registering you will put your bet, TheLotter will purchase the Lottery or Lotto ticket with the numbers that you picked, scan the ticket, and archive the image copy in your account section. Yes, you will be be able to see the lottery/lotto ticket purchased on your behalf. During the draw day, TheLotter will check the results, and if you win they will notify you by e-mail, or by phone, depending on the amount you won. Playing lotterys and lottos from the comfort of your house is simple and practical´, as clicking a few buttons.



If you still have questions, click the “PLAY NOW” button, and talk with the TheLotter online customer support, in the next page.

NY Lotto Tickets


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